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Full Podiatry Treatment – 45 minutes

Relaxing warm foot soak.

Initial assessment.

Nail trim, callus reduce and treatment of any corns.

Ingrown nails cut back.

Feet moisturised.

Expert Self management advice.


pedicure (google free to use share modify commercially)

Medical Grade Pedicure – one hour


Podiatry treatment plus pedicure using:

Kure Bazaar –

Non-toxic luxury removeable nail polish



UV set, long lasting soak off gel polish

Relaxing treatment that leaves the feet and nails transformed!

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Nail Surgery
Carried out under local anaesthetic the procedure in most cases requires only the smallest part of the edge of the nail being removed. We then treat the root to ensure re-growth does not bring back the problem. This procedure gives the minimum of disruption to the Patient and normally effects a permanent cure. The procedure is suitable for Patients of all ages including children.

From £150


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Biomechanical Assessment

An examination of your feet, legs hips, and general structure and how this relates to your walking pattern. The assessment looks for any irregularity which may contribute to skeletal and or muscle pain, or for abnormality which may contribute to callus or corn formation. After the assessment the podiatrist will discuss with you the best course of treatment going forward. Usually it is a easy fix in the case of an Orthotic we have both moulded (tailored to suit your needs) or over the shelf a generic support. These supports will help control your foot and posture and alleviate your aches and pains caused by the instability in the foot.