How do I stop hard skin forming?

Callus (hard skin) appears on feet due to pressure or friction. Our assessment of your footwear and how you walk /stand, as well as removing the areas of hard skin and emollient use, reduces hard skin buildup and slows the reoccurrence. We also advice on how to self treat between appointments to prevent pressure corns or areas of tenderness.

My Son’s feet are red and itchy. What is the cause?

If your son has not bought new footware and does not suffer from any skin conditions on his feet usually, it is most likely to be Athelete’s Foot. This is a very common condition where red or white, itchy, peeling skin appears between the toes and on the sole of the foot. It is a fungal infection and easily treated. Please contact us on our enquiry form and we can discuss with you the best over-counter treatments and prevention of spreading advice.

I have had a bunion for years and now I have arthritis its very painful, is there anything that can be done?

The maintenance of good foot structure and health is very important with people predisposed or noticing an onset of bone changes in their feet. Assessment and the creation of an insole to stabalise and reduce any pressure pain is helpful in the relieving of foot pain caused by this and a footware assessment can also be carried out to complement this practice.

I suffer from Diabetes and my Doctor has mentioned that it may affect my feet? Why is this?

Having been diagnosed with Diabetes you will have received much information from your Doctor or Diabetic Nurse with regard to blood glucose control and its importance in maintaining overall good health.

Diabetes patients are more at risk of foot problems as longterm effects of the disease are diabetic neuropathy (loss of foot sensation) due to damaged blood vessels and reduced circulation in the feet.

We advise that all patients with diabetes:-

* Inspect feet regularly (checking for any changes redness, broken skin, swelling infection )

* keep feet in good condition using moisturisers (not between toes), drying properly after showering, ensuring footwear correct size and fit. Nails should be kept at a managed length to avoid problems.

* Have your feet assessed annually as a minimum by a foot health professional or nurse.